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            Combinatorial constructions for optimal supersaturated designs

            劉民千 , Kai-Tai Fang a , Gennian Ge b , * , Min-Qian Liu c , Hong Qin d , a

            Discrete Mathematics 279(2004)191-202,-0001,():



            Combinatorial designs have long had substantial application in the statistical design ofexperiments, and in the theory oferror-correcting codes. Applications in experimental and theoretical computer science, communications, cryptography and networking have also emerged in recent years. In this paper, we focus on a new application of combinatorial design theory in experimental design theory. E(fNOD) criterion is used as a measure ofnon-orthogonality ofU-type designs, and a lower bound of E(fNOD) which can serve as a benchmark ofdesign optimality is obtained. A U-type design is E(fNOD)-optimal ifits E(fNOD) value achieves the lower bound. In most cases, E(fNOD)-optimal U-type designs are supersaturated. We show that a kind of E(fNOD)-optimal designs are equivalent to uniformly resolvable designs. Based on this equivalence, several new in<nite classes for the existence of E(fNOD)-optimal designs are then obtained.

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