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            Construction of optimal supersaturated designs by the packing method

            劉民千 , FANG Kaitai , GE Gennian & LIU Minqian

            Science in China Ser. A Mathematics 2004 Vol. 47 No.1 128-143,-0001,():



            A supersaturated design is essentially a factorial design with the equal occurrence of levels property and no fully aliased factors in which the number of main effects is greater than the number of runs. It has received much recent interest because of its potential in factor screening experiments. A packing design is an important object in combinatorial design theory. In this paper, a strong link between the two apparently unrelated kinds of designs is shown. Several criteria for comparing supersaturated designs are proposed, their properties and connections with other existing criteria are discussed. A combinatorial approach, called the packing method, for constructing optimal supersaturated designs is presented, and properties of the resulting designs are also investigated. Comparisons between the new designs and other existing designs are given, which show that our construction method and the newly constructed designs have good properties.

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