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            Impact Assessment of Wind Farms on Radio Devices in Civil Aviation

            吳仁彪 , Xiaoliang Wang , Renbiao Wu , Weikun He , Yuzhao Ma

            invited chapter in《Wind Farms Performance, Economic Factors and Effects on the Environment》, Nova Science Publisher, 2016.,-0001,():



            Wind power is an attractive clean energy and wind farms increase with very high speed in recent years. However, as a particular obstacle, wind farms may degrade the performance of radio devices in civil aviation obviously. Therefore, wind farms may threaten the flight safety and correct impact assessment of wind farms on radio devices is important to guarantee the safety of civil aviation. In this chapter the potential impact of wind farms on radio devices in civil aviation and a review of the impact assessment procedure and methods of our research group is presented. The radio devices discussed in the chapter include surveillance devices such as primary surveillance radar (PSR) and second surveillance radar (SSR) and radio navigation devices such as very high frequency omnidirectional range (VOR) and instrument landing system (ILS). A wind farm usually comprises several wind turbines with very large size. The proper estimation of the scattering coefficient or radar cross section (RCS) of the wind turbine is of great importance to assess the impact of wind farms correctly. However, the intensity of electromagnetic scattering and the RCS of a wind turbine vary with several factors. Consequently a review of RCS estimation methods for a wind turbine of our research group is also presented in this chapter.

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